Oskin Erebor

The governor of Farehold


Oskin Erebor is a man with greyed hair and harsh skin. You can tell by just looking at him that he has seen years of battle.


Oskin Erebor is the current governor of Farehold, with his eldest son in line to take his place. Oskin Erebor became the governor of Farehold at the age of 27, after spending 16 years in the military. Oskin has always held a firm grasp over Farehold through all his years as Governer; he rules strictly but fairly. Some citizens respect him, some hate him, and some are afraid of him. His eldest son, Griff Erebor has been in the military all his life and is now the head of the Farehold Guard. His youngest son, Sky, refused to join the military like his kin; his frequent disagreements with his father led him to leaving home on his own at a young age.

Oskin Erebor

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