Gerome Bala

The Right Hand of the King


He is an older man, around 50 years old. He is bald with a mustache and small beard. He has a scar across his left eyebrow and constantly bares a grimacing look.


Gerome was born and raised in the streets of the Eastern City and grew up along side the Iron King. The pair were always close, inevitably leading to Gerome being the right hand of the King. Even after the Iron King’s passing, he remained the right hand to Seamus.

After the Iron King’s passing, Gerome did not believe Seamus to be ready to rule the kingdom, so he took it upon himself to make his own political decisions without consulting King Seamus. He managed to do this successfully for Seamus’ first full year as King, until he underestimated a pair of travellers. It has been revealed that Gerome had sent an assassin to kill the Governor of Gambin City. He framed the assassination on two travellers who happened to be passing. These travellers were taken to the prison in the King’s castle where they managed to confront Gerome. The confrontation ended with Gerome giving a confession and King Seamus stabbing a dagger through his chest. The King spoke to the public about Gerome’s death, informing them that Gerome’s death signifies a new era for the Eastern Kingdom.

Gerome Bala

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