Eastern Politics

The King's Castle

Chatper 2

One day while hunting in the forrest Geon was overtaken by several guards and taken to the Eastern City Castle dungeons where he was placed in a cell with Sky. Unknown to their crimes, the pair broke out of the jail cell and made their way through the sewers and into the castle. Aided by a young boy named Billy, Geon and Sky learned that they needed to find Gerome, the right hand of the King, in order to clear their names. They followed a lead that took them to the torture chamber where they fought the ruthless butcher and witnessed the death of Billy. After a quick disguise change and a brief meeting with the King the pair headed to the inventor’s room in search of Gerome. Their, they met the royal inventor who suggested they check the Northern Tower for Gerome. After some trouble, they made their way to the top of the tower where Gerome was waiting patiently. He explained how he sent an assassin to kill the governor of Gambin for political purposes and they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, making them the perfect scapegoats. After a lengthy duel with Gerome the duo finally succeeded, leaving him bleeding out on the floor. At this time, the King arrived, walking towards them with a dagger. He passed Sky and Geon stabbing the dagger directly through Gerome’s heart. The king revealed that he was already suspicious of Gerome’s crimes, he just didn’t have any proof. The King then explained to the pair that he was still not completely convinced of their innocence, therefore they must gain the blessing of an Eastern Governor within the next month in order to truly prove their innocence.


Dungeon_Master_Dave Dungeon_Master_Dave

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