Eastern Politics

Gambin City Games

Chapter 1

Waking from a groggy daze, Sky and Geon awoke in the middle of a town square with no memories. As they witnessed mobs of people rushing out of the city, they went to the tavern to look for answers. They encountered a shady bartender who didn’t give them many answers. All of a sudden the clock tower’s bells began to ring and the city was empty. They headed outside where they brawled with a couple of death dogs, then headed into the clock tower. In the tower, they discovered a teleportation circle, which they took, landing them in a dark, unknown location. After a few attempts, the pair lit a fire, which took to the branches around them, burning down and entire maze that surrounded them. They traveled forwards until they came across an old Treant, who informed them that the only exit is under his roots, but he needs blood to move them. They pair head back to the Gambin where they had another run in with some more death dogs. After separating the Death dog leader from the group and taking his blood the two hurried back to the Treant and after much consideration, gave him the blood. He moved his roots and gave them passage to a second teleportation circle, which they took. They then found themselves in a gladiatorial ring, confronted by a dark Elven Sorcerer known as The Host. He explained how he holds these games every year for his own entertainment. After a tough battle the pair finally defeated the Host when all of a sudden the ground crumpled around them until all that was left was a teleportation circle around them. They were instantly returned to the clocktower, where they were greeted by thankful townsfolk.


Dungeon_Master_Dave Dungeon_Master_Dave

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